From January, 2015

Body and Soul: The Intersection of Faith and Sexuality

The intersection of faith and sexuality is one that is often traveled with misconceptions and anxiety because the Church has mostly failed to offer thoughtful, helpful information and education. The Church has been more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to affirmation of our creation as God’s children of flesh and spirit. Gratefully, this is changing.

All of us have bodies and sexualities in addition to our souls, beliefs and faith practices. And yet, it seems the reality for too many of us a dilemma exists of “body versus spirit” dilemma rather than a reconciliation of “body and spirit.” The reconciliation of one’s faith and sexuality is a key to living happy, healthy and whole lives. It is an essential foundation to loving, faithful relationships and healthy families. It also goes a long way in establishing safer faith communities and safer societies. Read more