Rooted in faith and justice, this global project amplifies faith voices that protect human dignity and achieve equality for LGBT people and their families.

In 78 countries it is illegal to be gay, in 7 countries the death penalty can be imposed. Homosexuality or same-sex relationships are criminalized in these countries as a result of the legacy of colonial penal codes. New anti-homosexuality laws threaten with imprisonment. The so-called homosexual propaganda laws threaten human rights education, medical and legal services for LGBT persons. They also foster suspicion rather than respect for the human dignity of LGBT people and their families.

While significant strides for LGBT equality are being made in the United States and many other countries, persecution of LGBT people is increasing around the world. Religion, culture and tradition are often used as sanctions for such persecution.

With these facts and experiences of LGBT persons in mind, how might we imagine a different world? How might we find ways to empathize, to understand what it is like to be a gay or LGBT person navigating their way in such hostile and life-threatening environments? How might we discover ways to stand in solidarity with LGBT persons and their families on the journey to a world that respects the human dignity of all persons? Together we can create a world that is free and equal.

Partnership with the Center for Innovation in Ministry at San Francisco Theological Seminary

The Global Faith and Justice Project is a pioneering social impact initiative with the Center for Innovation in Ministry at San Francisco Theological Seminary.

“Global Faith and Justice Project Comes to the Center,” by Center for Innovation and Ministry, San Francisco Theological Seminary, January 26, 2018